Rules of renting

Renting in Loft Me Brazylijska we recommend mainly to students who come to study from abroad in Erasmus programme and similar ones. Obviously there are welcome also Polish students.

You rent a room or whole apartment

We have for rent single and double rooms in 3 separate apartments. You can rent one single room one of them or at once whole apartments for Your whole student team.

And here you can look at every nook and cranny in Lof Me Brazylijska flats.

Prices of renting are very flexible

Every tenant in Loft Me Brazylijska we treat individualy. The price of renting depends mainly from how long you want to stay with us and also how you want to pay – do you prefer every month payment or one whole payment ,,in advance’’ for whole period of renting.

You pay how you like – money bank transfer or cash.


Places in Loft Me Brazylijska go like hot cakes the same like fro our nearby bakery (you have there 3 mins, we wrote about it here) – that’s why we recommend earlier reservations.

If you want to be sure that after your coming to Poland there is waiting for you reserved spot in Loft Me Brazylijska – you should pay reservation fee in amount of deposit.

Questions? Look at top of the page – on the right you will find comfortable ways to contact with us – through social media channels but if you prefer you can just call us.

It is important to know that!

  • With no any problems we contact You in Polish language and English (in German and Spanish we can try but dont count at long and curious conversation).
  • As a administrators we are available for You per 7 days a week.
    • On our social media 24h.
    • By phone – with common sense.